A strict Quality Control System is applied to ensure 100% qualified modules delivered; 18 years of module manufacturing expertise and know-how are harnessed to produce the best quality.

Alpex Solar Ltd is applying a quality control project start from Incoming Material until Final Packaging. Specially, Alpex Solar Ltd applies two stages (before & after lamination) 100% EL test to filter out modules with micro-crack and other critical defects; Spire simulator and other test equipments are also calibrated by VDE Germany and other global-known independent institutes to ensure real power of each module. To back up, a complete barcode system is applied to record material, IV curve of each module, and this data is traceable for 25 years.

National Class Laboratory in the R & D center is established to develop new module versions and regularly checking the module materials and finished modules for various properties.

Alpex Solar Ltd tests not only including all types of modules with result free from PID (potential induced degradation), NO Hot Spots, but also undergo a series tests with standard DOUBLE of IEC61215, IEC61730! All of these extremely rigorous tests ensured the modules delivered by Alpex Solar Ltd of reliable high quality, in plain English, our partners can sit back and relax!

We have following certifications ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018
for manufacturing and assembly of Solar PV Panels, Solar Power generating systems (on grid, off grid and hybrid solar power plants ) and solar pumping systems.

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