Corporate Social Responsibility

Bringing light into the lives of
India's future

CSR encompasses various activities and strategies aimed at positively impacting stakeholders and the world at large. At Alpex Solar CSR initiatives are taken in multifolds.

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Philanthropy


Alpex Solar's CSR initiatives

Ethical Business Practices

Our CSR involves conducting business with integrity and ethical principles. We adhere to high ethical standards, ensure fair treatment of employees, customers and other stakeholders. We also run various employee volunteer programs which help in professional and personal development of the employees.

Environmental Sustainability

We engage in CSR by implementing eco-friendly practices, reducing our and our customers carbon footprints. In addition to helping others reach their net zero emissions goals, we are also working towards a net zero emissions manufacturing facility by the end of 2030.


Alpex, strongly believes in giving back to society. For a very long time Alpex has been associated with various social causes and NGOs.

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