Large Scale Power Plant Solutions

  • Large-scale power plants produce a substantial amount of electricity for regions or numerous consumers.
  • Alpex has made significant contributions to India's power solutions with successful installations in Badla and Nyvelli.
  • The 65 MW Badla installation has been operational since 2017, while the 45 MW Nyvelli installation has been running since 2016.
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Large-scale power plants are electricity generation facilities that produce a significant amount of electricity to supply power to a region or a large number of consumers. These power plants typically use various energy sources and technologies to generate electricity efficiently and reliably.

India is harnessing renewable energy through worlds biggest Solar farm. Alpex has contributed to India's power plant solutions in its own way. 65MW installation in Badla which is running successfully since 2017 and 45 MW installation in Nyvelli running successfully since 2016 are shining testimonials of Large scale power plants by Alpex.

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