Highly specialized high power photovoltaic modules from Alpex Solar are manufactured using cutting edge technology in our own state-of-the-art facility. Our PV panels are not only world class but also most cost effective. That fact that our modules are performing successfully under extreme weather conditions of Germany, Italy and Australia is a testimonial of our excellent quality.

Our product range includes

  1. Nikko Topcon MBB Series - N-Type bifacial Topcon transparent backsheet 560 W to 590 W
  2. Nikko MBB Series - Mono Perc crystalline 440 W to 555 W
  3. Diamond Series - Mono Perc crystalline and Poly Crystalline from 150 W to 400 W
  • Compact design power range from 150W to 590W
  • Most efficient in its category
  • Increased durability with 4.0MM glass as opposed to 3.2MM industry standard
  • Higher power output per square meter of active cell area
  • Lower installation cost due to low weight and high efficiency modules
  • Decreased ground area requirements due to high efficiency designs
  • Superior BOM resulting in excellent quality

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